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About // I'm Meagan, 22 years old, going to college in Indiana. I'm interested in English novels and neurons (I'm majoring in English and Psychology), clothes, French (where the blog title comes from), flowers, feminism/activism, and chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

I started becoming obsessed with how I clothe my body around age 9, when I decided that hot pink and bright orange were an ideal color combination. At 13 I created my own blog and I've been blogging ever since, moving from URL to URL like an old, diseased vagrant. Since I started blogging so young, I am constantly in dialogue with my past and present fashion choices, which is mainly chronicled in my nostalgia tag. Also I'm just sort of a gross sappy person, so nostalgia is something on my mind a lot.

You might notice that most of the clothes I wear are thrifted or vintage. This is mainly due to the fact that a) I'm a broke college student, but most importantly b) I'm attempting to live as ethically as possible, and reduce my carbon footprint. The fashion industry can be really terribletaking advantage of oppressed peoples and totally ruining the environment, and I'm not into that shit. I try to keep my lifestyle as low-waste as possible.

Contact // I love hearing any questions, ideas or possible projects you would like to do with me. Reach out at

Press // Vogue Girl Japan, 2018
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