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sophisticated older lady


This outfit combo I shot yesterday was unwittingly like this one I shot, back when I was a wee babe in 2017. I guess I can never get away from textured menswear mixed with bright colors, which is perfectly fine, to be honest. My 22nd birthday is this Sunday and I'm graduating college in a couple months, so I do feel more justified now in wearing more "professional", "adult" clothes. Not that professional adults generally tie up their pant legs with shoe laces. Or maybe they do! Who knows.

I also feel like a professional adult now because I've been sent my first-ever Free Clothing Item from a Company for Promotional Reasons, a.k.a. these heels from Loq. I don't really have a lot of promotional power, tbh, but they are pretty, aren't they? When I inevitably live in Paris I imagine I'll wear them every day.

Bra from Free People
Pants from Topshop
Shoes from Loq
Purse and blazer are both thrifted

All photos shot by me on my Canon EOS 600D.
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