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yes, it's fall again


I hope you guys were expecting this. Every fall, without fail, I do some fall-related fashun shit. I am a crazy person who is obsessed with the changing seasons. It Be Like That. This year I wanted to get a shoot in before all the leaves are gone, because they will inevitably be replaced by yuck bare trees snow etc by next week.

Normally, my fall tradition dictates that I have to wear menswear and tweed and lots of earthy colors because, duh, that's the best part of fall. However! This year due to the excess summer clothes I still have not put away, due to the fact that I live 3.5 hours away from my proper closet, due to College and Shit, I decided to wear some brighter more ""summery"" pieces with my standard big chunky sweaters and browns. It's fun and different for me! Also they coincidentally match the very brightly colored trees.

I'm a very rigid sort of person in all aspects of life, so the wardrobe line between Spring and Summer and Fall and Winter are distinct as hell. But rigidity is boring sometimes! I'll wear baby blue in fall and it'll be fan-fucking-tastic.

Topshop turtleneck and pants, thrifted everything else.

Sweater from here, Dr. Martens, and thrifted everything else.

Thrifted top and purse, babydoll from Urban Renewal, heels from Maryam Nassir Zadeh.

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