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a zine for you and me


Recently I've become pretty damn nostalgic for my younger, more angsty ways and decided to relive a bit of my adolescence by, yes, making a zine. Which was my main hobby as a 13-year old. Back then it was more about me parroting Riot Grrrl phrases and going to Kinko's for hours on end (because that's the only way I knew how to make zines, and bravo to my homage to the 90's by refusing to use modern technology). Now I have Adobe Creative Cloud and I feel much fancier so I made a fancy zine but it's basically about the same shit as always, feminism and women and blah blah blah!

This zine is supposed to be more of an extension of this blog post I did a couple months ago—I'm obsessed with these concepts, okay—and also a little ode to my love for visual arts. I'm never able to talk about Capital "A" Art except when I'm in museums boring my friends to death. It was really fun researching and finding all of the beautiful pieces I chose to include in this zine.

If you missed the nondescript link above, you can access it online here. I hope everyone likes it!!

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