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summer is fucking romantic

The more time I spend on this hellsite, the more I find myself repeating the same thing over and over and OVER again. It's summer, cue the photos of me in a yellowing vintage dress eating strawberries crying in the middle of a wheat field!!

This year, however, I do have a minor twist on the yellowing dress and the strawberries and the wheat field. Enter: me a couple days ago, wishing I could buy a dress from Batsheva and live out all my feminine Little House On The Prairie fantasies. (Guess who doesn't have $400 to spend suddenly and unwisely? Most of us, including me.) But then I was like, wait, I could literally just get some actual vintage calico 70's dresses for way cheaper and still look super fucking cool. And I could take pictures wearing them whilst standing around my very overgrown suburban neighborhood. And it could be a  c o n c e p t .

So here's that concept for you all. Hopefully I'll do some more shoots before school starts in August, but we'll see. I've been working a lot lot lot at a customer service job, saving money for the ultimate goal of Moving to a Big Metropolitan Area and Convincing Some Unsuspecting Fashion Company to Pay Me a Living Wage. A pipe dream, I know.

Photos by me, except the last 3 which were done by my friend Keith, who is great. Shot my Canon D600 and an 18-135mm lens. Special thank you to Casaday Costume for the dresses.

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