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A treatise on wearing lingerie during the daytime

Hello and how are you and welcome back! My body has officially returned to America but my mind is still back in England, dreaming about chocolate covered Digestives. However, my lack of Digestives here in the States is not bumming me out as much as it could be, since now I finally have full reign of my closet again. Which, after three months of wearing the same crusty Topshop turtleneck over and over, is super. nice

Spending time away from all my clothes made me forget how many I actually own -- and, especially, how many of them are vintage lingerie/pajamas/confusing bits of tulle. Seriously, there's this ludicrous chunk of my closet that is exclusively gauzy slips and dressing gowns and old petticoats. That shit my weakness. And most people would probably not understand why I buy so many items like this, because like, what is the practical purpose of vintage lingerie? Where and when can I put these things on my body without being laughed at?? 

Answer: I can wear them ANY TIME ! Even during the DAY, in public!! (And I do it a lot!!!) Lingerie is cool and cute and stupid and girly in the best way, and I firmly believe everyone should embrace slip dresses, even if they're not Courtney Love enthusiasts. Laugh on! I look cute! And so would you if you decide to wear a vintage dressing gown over some jeans, or a bra over your shirt. So go on and wear that. In the meantime, look at these pictures of me wearing some of my favorite pieces of lingerie in a parking lot, my preferred place to wear lingerie. 

Look 1: Vintage slip dress, vintage shirt, vintage petticoat, Zara bag, vintage Frederick's heels.
Look 2: Vintage top, vintage slip dress, vintage tulle dress, Miu Miu satin slippers (similar here), Ladurée ribbon.
Look 3: Vintage top, vintage bloomers, Louis Vuitton bag (similar here), New Balances.

All photos shot by me with my Canon D600 and an 18-135mm lens.

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