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New Year's 101


With New Year's Eve fast approaching, I thought I would take some time to help my darling Internet readers with choosing what to wear for their respective parties. New Year's Eve is fun for some people and ignites existential crises in others (i.e. me) so I'll get everyone through either scenario!

Of course, New Year's is about one thing: being shiny and sparkly. I feel like it's normal to wear a 20's flapper dress and go all Great Gatsby-ish because that makes being disgustingly drunk sort of acceptable, nay, expected! But here on the amazing fashion blog refleurira, this New Year's Eve tagline is: The Unexpected. So like, the point here is to be kinda funky and unexpected, and don't look like a flapper girl. Instead, look like a crazy person! 2018 is about to be a craaaaazy year. I can feel it. Thus we must dress for the occasion.

The way I see it, one can either be a very cute happy bich and wear a lot of champagne colors / sequins / pink fur trimmed things and fully celebrate this planet's descent into the year 2018 -- that, or one can wear darker colors, read Albert Camus, and become horribly aware of their own mortality!!

If any of you are wondering how I'm doing New Year's Eve, here's a special shoot I put together, with sparkly grey eyes and a big shiny dress thing. As you can see, I'm going more for the muted colors and existential crisis look :

Happy New Year's everyone!!

Dress(es): vintage
Shoes: Coach

All photos shot by me with my canon d600 and an 18-135mm lens.

Alicia Keys and I have a lot in common, actually


me with no makeup and my tits kinda out

An integral point in every woman's life, I believe, is the point where the woman decides if she will wear makeup or not. Naysayers might argue that this is totally not an important part of a woman's life, and that's kind of shallow of me to say, and isn't there a lot to womanhood besides for wearing makeup, and you're dumb i'm going to unfollow your freckly ass!

But hear me and my freckly ass out. Does any other human female in the audience remember the day that they first decided to wear makeup to school? I sure as fuck do, mostly because I wrote about it in my diary, aged 12, 7th grade. I didn't go all out, like I only wore mascara or whatever, but it was super embarrassing and people pointed it out to me, which made me decide that I would never wear makeup again! Of course I did later. When I was in high school, makeup and I were close, personal friends. We hung out everyday. we read Harry Potter together and discussed punk rock feminism at length. Me and makeup were getting along great. 

I don't remember the point where I decided to basically stop wearing it on a casual basis, only really breaking out the shimmery eyeshadow for formal events and parties. Now my non-makeup face is sort of like a Thing that I own. It's part of the Meagan Wilson Brand™ : she's the girl who doesn't wear makeup! Basically, I'm alicia keys without talent or money. Also she's definitely more beautiful than me, and everyone else in the world. 

But now I'm on the cusp of 21 (a month!!!!!!! a month) and I have this nagging voice in the back of my head, the same voice that keeps telling me to buy Lululemon leggings, saying this: "You Need To Start Wearing Makeup And Become A Goddamn Adult". And yeah, this voice is sort of an asshole, but it also has a fair point. women who wear makeup are way more likely to get a job and get more money from said job. That freaks me out! I would like to get a job! I would like to get a lot of money from this job. I should probably start wearing makeup. I don't even have a proper red lipstick. Someone buy me a contour palette THIS INSTANT.

Panicking aside, however, I don't like wearing makeup. I don't want to have to do that just to get a job. Makeup feels weird and chunky on my face and it's annoying getting it off and I don't have the motivation to put it on, ever. I love being feminine but, jesus, performing femininity all the time makes me tired. The women who have beautiful makeupped faces every single day are stronger than I will ever be. They look lovely, they get something out of wearing it, and good for them!! But it's absolutely ridiculous that we must wear makeup to get a job or money or anything, really. It should be our choice to wear it or not. Agency over our own faces shouldn't be an issue here. But it is. 

I don't know if i'll ever change how I feel about this, or if one day I'll wake up and decide to be very into doing a cat-eye all the time. And if i ever have a Very Professional job interview, like a job that pays more than minimum wage (that'll be the day), I will probably wear makeup because I care more about getting a job than most other things. 

But can we stop makeup from being a necessary thing for women, maybe? Can we stop shaming women for not wearing it? (Also can we stop shaming women for wearing it, too? You can really never win here. Basically, if you identify as a woman, you cannot win.) 

A little-known fact is that us delicate ladies don't actually enjoy being under the confines of the patriarchy, and we just want to be treated like human beings and do what we want. So, for fuck's sake, if we don't want to wear makeup, let us not wear makeup.
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