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Aphrodite in love

Hello everyone! Over thanksgiving break (as promised) I did a concept shoot with my lovely friend ilan. I've had this idea for a while and I'm so glad I finally got to execute it. Ilan has recently been telling me how much he loves femininity and just generally being pretty, so I thought he would be the perfect Aphrodite. Obviously I also like the idea of an androgynous Aphrodite--Greek gods and goddesses change their genders all the time, transforming into different people to interact with mortals, so like, yeah, I'm actually being mildly traditional here. Also there should be more men embracing their femininity!!! Gender is fluid yall!! Put on lipstick you want to!!!!
Anyways, i'll get off my soap box and just show you the damn photos.

(Also for a better viewing experience, I suggest listening to Frank Ocean's "Chanel" and Angel Olsen's "woman" when lookin at these, just to like, keep it on brand.)

All photos shot by me with my canon d600 and an 18-135mm lens.

For you


Greetings from inside a hotel room! It's thanksgiving break, thank GAWD, and i'm currently visiting family in the great American metropolis of Cincinnati, OH. (I had to google how to spell Cincinnati.) I figured while I was here, I would take advantage of the fancy clean hotel room and take some fancy clean pictures. 

This week during my break, I plan on doing a lot of fashun-y things in the spare time that is usually reserved for beating my head against my neuroscience textbook / bullshitting papers on Keats (sorry John I love you I'm not worthy) / complaining endlessly to anyone who will listen about the incredible busy-ness of my incredibly important life. So stay tuned beautiful internet humans, I'll be around this corner of cyberspace more often (hopefully).....

look 1: vintage victoria's secret lingerie top, thrifted pants and belt, new balances from a long time ago (i'm no help whatsoever)
look 2: sweater from chicwish / dress from yesstyle / new balances (the color i have is out i think)
look 3: all vintage/thrifted except zara boots

All photos shot by me on a self timer with my canon d600 and an 18-135mm lens.

Get you a girl who loves standing near plants


Hello hello! I just wanted to break the traditionally-month-long silence to give you a quick lil outfit update. School and work and interning and reading Great Expectations has been keeping me disgustingly busy, but I've managed to update my ootd instagram almost daily, because I'm a genie. if yall wanna hear from me more regularly than I post here, follow that mf!

This was an outfit I shot for the Instagram but I ended up liking the photos so much I thought I might as well post it on here too. I love the stupid tiny purse trend (although my tiny purse is not as tiny as some others) and I found this cute-ass one at a vintage store for like $12. It makes me look like a professional 60's mom.

I'm planning on doing a couple fun fashion-related things during Thanksgiving break, so keep your eyes PEELED !! Until then, here are a couple more pictures of me looking extremely chic and confused in a greenhouse.

(Everything is thrifted/vintage except for the vans)

All photos shot by me on a self timer with my canon d600 and an 18-135mm lens.

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