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Stepping, not falling ! Ha ha


Welcome to yet another post about how obsessed i am with seasonal changes ! Today instead of going on and on about summer, I've decided to do a fall fashion post. Although right now in Indiana its still kind of hot and I am unable to drink warm drinks and knit scarves to my full potential. Basically I've been trying to imagine there's a cold breeze that smells like leaves or something, and what I would wear in said breeze.

In fall it's easy to dress Basic Old Fall and wear like tons of brown and shit, but I wanted to mix it up! Also I like the idea of wearing a lot of predictable things but in bizarre ways. Also, I'm trying to repurpose kilts.

These New Balances have been a positive influence in my life. I've already worn them to a party and they were a hit, also they make me feel like a dad, but like, a peppy Florida dad. I just really fucking love wearing casual workout shoes with suit jackets because it confuses people -- what is my job? In what profession do you wear a nice blazer with New Balances? Who knows.

I am all for wearing berets unironically. I got this one in Paris, and honestly it was so touristy and américaine of me to buy it that I don't really blame the dude who pickpocketed me afterwards. And you know, sometimes it's nice to look like a marshmellow wearing a beret too, which I think I achieve pretty well here.
These pants are killer vintage trousers, which are a " Fall Must " , I guess, and also they're about 8 sizes too big for me. They definitely look like something I've borrowed form my hypothetical 70-year-old professor boyfriend. An aesthetic we should all be striving for, honestly.

I hope everyone's having a good week! If you're like me and in school you are probably in the midst of midterms, which suck very intensely. You could always do what I do and procrastinate from studying by writing on a fashion blog!

look 1: everything vintage / thrifted except the new balances
look 2: everything vintage / thrifted except the boots which are zara

all photos shot by me on a self timer with my canon d600 and an 18-135mm lens.

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