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Rodarte ss18: i'm not crying, you're crying


To say that I worship Rodarte is an understatement. Ever since I first laid eyes on their gorgeous creations (their Fall 2008 collection was the first one I ever saw-- spidery fishnets and full tulle skirts and a melange of textures and fabrics) I've been honestly totally completely their servant, and I would probably have a heart attack if I owned any of their clothes. Being a sucker for romance and overly-feminine dresses/silhouettes, Rodarte and I make a good pair. The Mulleavy sisters have always gone above and beyond my wildest dreams with their work; when they use Vincent van Gogh's art in their pieces, or they make those floaty dresses everyone wants these days, it's always magic.

They really upped their game this season, however! Which I didn't think was possible! But oh! my god! Boas of delicate baby's breath? Sheer dangling pieces of soft angelic fabric? Are you kidding?

The thing that the Mulleavy sisters do SO well is their understated, barely-there creepiness (which is why they were the perfect choice for all the Black Swan costumes, duh). if their clothes were just beautiful, that would be one thing; but there's something else about them that makes you want to look more, an inexplicable something that seems off, somehow. Rodarte is full of intrigue. so with all of this in mind, it makes total sense why they chose a super creepy feminine 70's movie as their main inspiration (3 Women - haven't seen it but i've been looking at pretty screenshots of it for about a year now, whoops). And the fact that Laura Mulleavy was quoted saying "This is the most Rodarte show we have ever made" makes me love it even more. because if this is pure Rodarte, then please, dear god, let pure Rodarte never end.


3 women by robert altman

masha kamenskaya
li hui / jidlo by jan svankmajer

émile joachim constant puyo

marie antionette by sofia coppola

lindsey wixon by gia coppola

maidens of may by nicholas lawn
elizabeth fillmore for cosmopolitan bride / unknown
picnic at hanging rock by peter weir

bryce dallas howard in the village (2004)

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