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This is joy, this is summer

Summers are sooooooo significant for me. Apart from it being my absolute favorite season, it also seems to be the times in my life where the most important or emotional things happen. Or maybe I just feel the emotions more deeply because, like, summer. Summer makes me crazy, in a good way.

One of my favorite things to do is obsessively categorize things, and of course I've done that with summer. This specific type of summer is what I imagine when I think about a ridiculously hot day -- eating a popsicle thats melting down your hand -- the sky is blue but hazy -- you've walked to the drugstore with your best friends and taken shelter in the air conditioning, which immediately makes you shiver -- taking pictures with a disposable camera -- sitting in the yellow parched grass. I'm kind of a soppy, sentimental bich, so maybe this isn't actually all that relatable. Whatever! I put together some outfits and took some pictures, which will hopefully distract me long enough to stop thinking about Suspicious Partner which doesn't get a new episode until Wednesday (currently: dying). 

It was crazy hot today so that theatrical sheen of sweat in all of these pictures isn't even highlighter. Who needs highlighter when you can just be greasy. I'm truly embodying the #summer #aesthetic. 

Finally going to leave whomever is out there with this extremely important Vine of riff raff, which is honestly just the true embodiment of the season. Happy summer, everyone !!!

look 1: f21 body suit, american apparel circle skirt, vintage printed skirt, thrifted slip, tevas
look 2: everything vintage / thrifted except shoes, which are borns

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