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Growing pains


Because I started blogging when I was so young, its super easy for me to look back at what I used to wear when I was 13, 14, 15 years old due to the overwhelming amount of damning photographic evidence. Well, sometimes it's damning. Other times I find myself sort of jealous of young me because she could wear whatever the fuck she wanted, and cared a lot less about what other people thought. Ain't that always the way it goes: you would do anything to grow up, and then when you do grow up you hate it, etc etc.

But all the Growing Old Truisms aside -- and ignoring the fact that it's ridiculous to hear all this coming from a baby-faced 20 year old -- I do worry about what I'm gonna wear when I have to work in a professional setting. Assuming I don't become rich and famous and I have to get a regular day job like everyone else, I should probably start investing in some business casual or professional clothes that aren't ~*stylistically*~ 4 times too big.

However, this post assumes that I will not! in fact! have a regular day job and I can be a Professional Fashion Lady. I've been very inspired by real-life Professional Fashion Ladies i.e. Stella von Senger (amaaaazing wardrobe/styling) and Maryam Nassir Zadeh, to name a few. They truly appreciate the beauty of "ugly" clothes, which more people really need to embrace. 

I love the idea of throwing 90's minimalism together with bizarre colors/textures/silhouettes and casual elements. so I present to you: Meagan Pretending To Be Professional. (Considering the fact that the only jobs I've ever had have been in food service, this is probably a  h u g e  joke to those who knows me irl.)

Look 1: Everything vintage / thrifted except for the Vans
Look 2: Everything vintage / thrifted

All photos shot by me on a self timer with my canon d600 and an 18-135mm lens.

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