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still seem to have a fixation with the color red; can't seem to stop lusting over red shoes, red dresses and red lips. as a result my eyes are red. both from crying at the fact that i'm broke and have no money to sustain my red obsession, and the fact that i stare at my computer for too long and get all red-eyed like a demon.

that plus the influence after the met gala has got me thinking a lot about what i would wear if i was magically wealthy and famous. as you do. as much as i hate to give katy perry any credit, she killed the theme, and wore basically what i would wear at all times to every event.

link / DEW magazine #24
comme des garçons ss2000 / katy perry at the met gala

from like a cat: a dossier on surrealism and comme des garçons which i found online here

i've also been reading some anne carson recently and focusing more on femininity - how warm & wonderful it is, and how much more i wanna embrace it -  and i've been noticing too how much it reflects in my fashion. i love the hopeless in-your-face femininity of the lolita harajuku girls, the sleek femininity of women on the red carpet, the way women reclaim men's clothes and turn them into something more soft, more feminine, more beautiful than they were before. i love when a designer turns traditionally feminine clothes on their head, like rei constantly does in comme des garçons (or like alexander mcqueen did!!). i like when being "feminine" isn't restricted to one silhouette, one color or one gender. exclusivity in fashion is so unnecessary and it kills creativity.

well, to end that rant. i hope all of you out there floating in the internet void have a gorgeous monday.

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