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my favorites from fw17 -- because you care a lot, probably

in an attempt to get myself back into the fashion world and not be forcefully spat out my my own morals, oops....


wooo. oh man. maybe it's lame of me to be into the whole sock-shoe thing (i see you sending over some of your vetements stuff to balenciaga, demna), and honestly i like to be discerning about these types of trends, but UGH. i really truly love all this shit. the bright super long sock-shoes, the sideways coats, the huge enveloping marshmellow rei-kawakubo-esque dresses (also reminds me of jil sander a million years ago, good times). very cool and ugly, good job, nicely done. also if i die soon i'm coming back to haunt everyone's ass in this outfit, no question.


i am HERE FOR IT. all of it. the red and the pink and the floral pieces sticking out everywhere and the sheer pieces and the fact that they're totally making it ok to wear a sleeping bag in public, in the best way. also the smeared lipstick!!! the preen girl looks like some seriously whack elf who just came back from stuffing flowers under her clothes until they all spill out of it, and damn it, i'm here for it. i've been obsessed with preen ever since i saw this dress paired with the flowers stuck on her lips and immediately had a heart attack.


SO. cool. so, so up my alley. the romantic flowing silks and veils from another era mixed with don't-mess-with-me leather. i am not a leather girl but i would attempt to be one in this context, seriously. also i'm pretty sure lorde TOTALLY wore this on SNL, right? or something super close. as per usual, she is casually living my dream life.


honestly, i'm a simple girl who just likes a nice, structured piece of clothing. and delpozo, needless to say, never disappoints in this area. their clothes are always so lovely and rich, like a big thick piece of cake you just wanna bite into. or maybe that's just me. but if i was going to the oscars tomorrow i would probably wear that little yellow and purple number just to shake things up, tradition be damned!


i, personally, have always wanted to look like a squishy space rock, and i really appreciate rei kawakubo for making my dream a possibility -- nay, a reality. (also, side note, i would like her to adopt me.) but honestly, how totally awesome. especially with the pan scourer hair!!!!! sigh. i think that if comme des garçons started making "normal", wearable clothes, everyone would probably drop dead from shock. it's truly one of the most dependable fashion houses. we all know that chanel's gonna put in some tweed, balmain is probably gonna put on some studs (or something else kardashian-esque), calvin klein is gonna have some nice minimalist silhouettes (although i was pleasantly surprised by the weirdness of this season), and comme des garçons is gonna make marshmellow people. the world is how it should be. i am at peace.

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