new beginnings ....

thrifted shirt(s), levi's, zbeibei heels

here i am again, this time with a new web address and (slightly) new clothes.

i guess if i really wanted to come out here and analyze it : i felt super weighed down by all of the past posts i put on naturally-dapper. it seemed old, obsolete, unnecessary. i also went through that whole phase of "I'm Not Going To Have Any Social Media" and deleted everything (just to re-download all of it hours later). but of course, you can take the blog away from the blogger, but you can't take the blogger away from the blogging, bloggy blog blog. so here's a new one. mercifully empty with no followers, i'm attempting to start anew. 

i had my last blog for 4 or 5 years and i still can't believe i've been at it for this long. 
anyways, i hope all of my amazingly loyal readers find me again. i love you, i love you.

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