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okay okay, so i know i'm merely screaming into the internet void here, much like i am screaming into the real-life void in my daily pursuits. but has anyone ever wondered what i would wear if i was going to a formal event?? maybe that's a little egotistical to assume. but the whole point of this blog is that someone has to care about my opinions, so like, whatever.

since i go to a big 10 school with a flourishing greek life (gag), there's a lot of talk of  so-called ""formals"". it may be totally shocking to the 3 people reading this, but i have not actually! ever been ! to a formal. maybe it's because i don't talk to boys in frats on principal, or any boy who wears khakis and vineyard vines and whose name is something like "Thad". maybe i'm biased.

but in my hermity uninformed mind, formals are like prom, right? so you wear something, hem, formal. and obviously i must plan for every possible event because i'm a basket case, so i have put together some formal outfits for yall, in case you are actually invited to a formal, unlike my lame ass. here's what's on the menu:

Look #1: stun Thad in girly gingham and sheer vintage pieces!! he will totally not look at you like you're a crazy person and refuse to take instagram pictures with you. also boudoir slippers are a must for every respectable young lady. what else will you walk around your boudoir in? definitely not regular slippers. you'd be a laughing stock.

Look #2: more sheer vintage pieces!!! a little more Whore Couture, which is one of my favorite styles to do, especially around 20-year-old boys. see, they're excited because you're dressing kinda slutty, which is an automatic plus--but what's this? it's very WEIRD slutty. they are confused but aroused. your work is done.

Look #3: god, i love gingham. pair it with more horrifyingly feminine ruffles and your frat date will be on his knees, begging you to "rock his world", or whatever frat boys say, idk. maybe they say "bro". who knows. also, layering things is fun because no one knows how many pieces of clothing you're actually wearing, so you're sexy and mysterious too!!

and with this sage advice in mind: formal away, ladies. i'll double tap any of your post-formal drunken instagram pictures from the lonesome comfort of my cave.

special thank you to cassady costume for lending me the dresses and red gingham shirt.


i won't die a virgin

RIP summer
all pictures from my pinterest (either summer or la divine idylle)

here it is, my commemorative end-of-summer post -- a sequel to the last post about summer, continuing my creepy obsessive way of categorizing everything -- and those who have read my blog for these 1000 years that it has been in existence know this end-of-summer routine very, very well. the virgin suicides, iconography, long dresses, crying in your room, the hot honey golden type of heat, etc etc. we get it, meagan! you're fucking obsessed with being a vestal virgin-type bitch! why don't you just watch picnic at hanging rock on a loop and get a sappho-themed tattoo and leave us in peace?!!

and, darling readers, that's all good and true. i WISH i could leave you in peace, as much as i wish i could get a sappho-themed tattoo without being ridiculed by my evil, judgmental peers. but i couldn't resist my yearly tradition of going out into a damn field, wearing a damn beautiful romantic 70's dress, and taking some damn pictures of myself. sorry!! maybe next year i'll give it up. maybe. we'll see.  (you're just lucky that this time i'm not eating strawberries or some shit.)

all photos shot by me on a self timer with my canon d600 and an 18-135mm lens.

special thank you to cassady costume for lending me the dress.


hyper féminin

hello from paris!!

i've been here for almost two weeks visiting my friend (the lovely clothilde) and it's been great, obviously, because like, paris. we've gone to a TON of museums, sat in a million parks, and walked around for hours and hours. yes, i am in heaven.

since i am so close to french culture and i'm constantly visiting this damned country / speaking this damned language, i thought i would do a lil post about french style, highlighting paris specifically. parisian style is world renowned for being chic and beautiful, looking amazing without even trying, having a few key classic pieces, etc. quilted chanel bags and réalisation are fine and good, obviously, but they're quite boooooring. and i still think the root of french style is a beautiful, classic femininity dating to pompadour and earlier. (coco chanel is probably rolling in her grave-- whatever, she was a nazi anyways.)

i mentioned femininity briefly in one of my previous posts -- basically, i am a Huge Fan of the over-the-top femininity in fashion, as exhibited by like, this whole fucking blog -- but some of my favorite examples recently are duh, molly goddard  (especially when suzie bubble wears her, oh my god), also that miu miu collection that basically changed my life. i wanted to bring these sorts of elements back to parisian style.

so here's me, making a fool of myself and freaking out all the french mamies who were just trying to get their morning baguette, for god's sake.
((thanks to clothilde for the pictures and also 99% percent of the clothes!!!))

all vintage

all vintage except jeans which are from zara


rodarte ss18: i'm not crying, you're crying

to say that i worship rodarte is an understatement. ever since i first laid eyes on their gorgeous creations (their fall 2008 collection was the first one i ever saw-- spidery fishnets and full tulle skirts and a melange of textures and fabrics) i've been honestly totally completely their servant, and i would probably have a heart attack if i owned any of their clothes. being a sucker for romance and overly-feminine dresses/silhouettes, rodarte and i make a good pair. the mulleavy sisters have always gone above and beyond my wildest dreams with their work: when they use vincent van gogh's art in their pieces, or they make those floaty dresses everyone wants these days, it's always magic.

they really upped their game this season, however! which i didn't think was possible! but oh! my god! boas of delicate baby's breath? sheer dangling pieces of soft angelic fabric? are you kidding?

the thing that the mullaevy sisters do SO well is their understated, barely-there creepiness (which is why they were the perfect choice for all the black swan costumes, duh). if their clothes were just beautiful, that would be one thing; but there's something else about them that makes you want to look more, an inexplicable something that seems off, somehow. rodarte is full of intrigue. so with all of this in mind, it makes total sense why they chose a super creepy feminine 70's movie as their main inspiration (3 women - haven't seen it but i've been looking at pretty screenshots of it for about a year now, whoops). and the fact that laura mulleavy was quoted saying "this is the most rodarte show we have ever made" makes me love it even more. because if this is pure rodarte, then please, dear god, let pure rodarte never end.


3 women by robert altman

masha kamenskaya
li hui / jidlo by jan svankmajer

émile joachim constant puyo

marie antionette by sofia coppola

lindsey wixon by gia coppola

maidens of may by nicholas lawn
elizabeth fillmore for cosmopolitan bride / unknown
picnic at hanging rock by peter weir

bryce dallas howard in the village (2004)


growing pains

because i started blogging when i was so young, its super easy for me to look back at what i used to wear when i was 13, 14, 15 years old due to the overwhelming amount of damning photographic evidence. well, sometimes it's damning. other times i find myself sort of jealous of young me because she could wear whatever the fuck she wanted, and cared a lot less about what other people thought. ain't that always the way it goes: you would do anything to grow up, and then when you do grow up you hate it, etc etc.

but all the Growing Old Truisms aside -- and ignoring the fact that it's ridiculous to hear all this coming from a baby-faced 20 year old -- i do worry about what i'm gonna wear when i have to work in a professional setting. assuming i don't become rich and famous and i have to get a regular day job like everyone else, i should probably start investing in some business casual or professional clothes that aren't ~*stylistically*~ 4 times too big.

however, this post assumes that i will not! in fact! have a regular day job and i can be a Professional Fashion Lady. i've been very inspired by real-life Professional Fashion Ladies i.e. stella von senger (amaaaazing wardrobe/styling) and maryam nassir zadeh, to name a few. they truly appreciate the beauty of "ugly" clothes, which more people really need to embrace. 

i love the idea of throwing 90's minimalism together with bizarre colors/textures/silhouettes and casual elements. so i present to you: Meagan Pretending To Be Professional. (considering the fact that the only jobs i've ever had have been in food service, this is probably a  h u g e  joke to those who knows me irl.)

everything vintage except for the vans

everything vintage/thrifted

all photos shot by me on a self timer with my canon d600 and an 18-135mm lens.


this is joy this is summer

summer #1
all of these are from my summer pinterest board

summers are sooooooo significant for me. apart from it being my absolute favorite season, it also seems to be the times in my life where the most important or emotional things happen. or maybe i just feel the emotions more deeply because, like, summer. summer makes me crazy, in a good way.

one of my favorite things to do is obsessively categorize things, and of course i've done that with summer. this specific type of summer is what i imagine when i think about a ridiculously hot day -- eating a popsicle thats melting down your hand -- the sky is blue but hazy -- you've walked to the drugstore with your best friends and taken shelter in the air conditioning, which immediately makes you shiver -- taking pictures with a disposable camera -- sitting in the yellow parched grass. i'm kind of a soppy, sentimental bich, so maybe this isn't actually all that relatable. whatever! i put together some outfits and took some pictures, which will hopefully distract me long enough to stop thinking about suspicious partner which doesn't get a new episode until wednesday (currently: dying). 

it was crazy hot today so that theatrical sheen of sweat in all of these pictures isn't even highlighter. who needs highlighter when you can just be greasy, am i right. i'm truly embodying the #summer #aesthetic. 

forever 21 bodysuit, american apparel skirt, vintage skirt, thrifted slip, teva sandals

everything thrifted or vintage except the shoes which are borns!

finally going to leave whomever is out there with this extremely important vine of riff raff, which is honestly just the true embodiment of the season. happy summer, everyone !!!