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greetings from inside a hotel room! it's thanksgiving break, thank GAWD, and i'm currently visiting family in the great american metropolis of cincinnati, OH. (i had to google how to spell cincinnati.) i figured while i was here, i would take advantage of the fancy clean hotel room and take some fancy clean pictures. 

this week during my break, i plan on doing a lot of fashun-y things in the spare time that is usually reserved for beating my head against my neuroscience textbook / bullshitting papers on keats (sorry johnny i love you i'm not worthy) / complaining endlessly to anyone who will listen about the incredible busy-ness of my incredibly important life. so stay tuned beautiful internet humans, i'll be around this corner of cyberspace more often (hopefully).....

look 1: vintage victoria's secret lingerie top, thrifted pants and belt, new balances from a long time ago (i'm no help whatsoever)
look 2: sweater from chicwish / dress from yesstyle / new balances (the color i have is out i think)
look 3: all vintage/thrifted except zara boots

all photos shot by me on a self timer with my canon d600 and an 18-135mm lens.

get you a girl who loves standing near plants


hello hello! i just wanted to break the traditionally-month-long silence to give you a quick lil outfit update. school and work and interning and reading Great Expectations has been keeping me disgustingly busy, but i've managed to update my ootd instagram almost daily, because i'm a genie. if yall wanna hear from me more regularly than i post here, follow that mf!

this was an outfit i shot for the instagram but i ended up liking the photos so much i thought i might as well post it on here too. i love the stupid tiny purse trend (although my tiny purse is not as tiny as some others) and i found this cute-ass one at a vintage store for like $12. it makes me look like a professional 60's mom.

i'm planning on doing a couple fun fashion-related things during thanksgiving break, so keep your eyes PEELED !! until then, here are a couple more pictures of me looking extremely chic and confused in a greenhouse.

(everything is thrifted/vintage except for the vans)

all photos shot by me on a self timer with my canon d600 and an 18-135mm lens.

stepping, not falling ! ha ha


welcome to yet another post about how obsessed i am with seasonal changes ! today instead of going on and on about summer, i've decided to do a fall fashion post. although right now in indiana its still kind of hot and i am unable to drink warm drinks and knit scarves to my full potential. basically i've been trying to imagine there's a cold breeze that smells like leaves or something, and what i would wear in said breeze.

in fall it's easy to dress Basic Old Fall and wear like tons of brown and shit, but i wanted to mix it up! also i like the idea of wearing a lot of predictable things but in bizarre ways. also, i'm trying to repurpose kilts.

these new balances have been a positive influence in my life. i've already worn them to a party and they were a hit, also they make me feel like a dad, but like, a peppy florida dad. i just really fucking love wearing casual workout shoes with suit jackets because it confuses people -- what is my job? in what profession do you wear a nice blazer with new balances? who knows.

i am all for wearing berets unironically. i got this one in paris, and honestly it was so touristy and américaine of me to buy it that i don't really blame the dude who pickpocketed me afterwards. and you know, sometimes it's nice to look like a marshmellow wearing a beret too, which i think i achieve pretty well here.
these pants are killer vintage trousers, which are a " Fall Must " , i guess, and also they're about 8 sizes too big for me. they definitely look like something i've borrowed form my hypothetical 70-year-old professor boyfriend. an aesthetic we should all be striving for, honestly.

i hope everyone's having a good week! if you're like me and in school you are probably in the midst of midterms, which suck very intensely. you could always do what i do and procrastinate from studying by writing on a fashion blog! that works every time.

look 1: everything vintage / thrifted except the new balances
look 2: everything vintage / thrifted except the boots which are zara

all photos shot by me on a self timer with my canon d600 and an 18-135mm lens.

heart shaped face

okay okay, so i know i'm merely screaming into the internet void here, much like i am screaming into the real-life void in my daily pursuits. but has anyone ever wondered what i would wear if i was going to a formal event?? maybe that's a little egotistical to assume. but the whole point of this blog is that someone has to care about my opinions, so like, whatever.

since i go to a big 10 school with a flourishing greek life (gag), there's a lot of talk of  so-called ""formals"". it may be totally shocking to the 3 people reading this, but i have not actually! ever been ! to a formal. maybe it's because i don't talk to boys in frats on principal, or any boy who wears khakis and vineyard vines and whose name is something like "Thad". maybe i'm biased.

but in my hermity uninformed mind, formals are like prom, right? so you wear something, hem, formal. and obviously i must plan for every possible event because i'm a basket case, so i have put together some formal outfits for yall, in case you are actually invited to a formal, unlike my lame ass. here's what's on the menu:

Look #1: stun Thad in girly gingham and sheer vintage pieces!! he will totally not look at you like you're a crazy person and refuse to take instagram pictures with you. also boudoir slippers are a must for every respectable young lady. what else will you walk around your boudoir in? definitely not regular slippers. you'd be a laughing stock.

Look #2: more sheer vintage pieces!!! a little more Whore Couture, which is one of my favorite styles to do, especially around 20-year-old boys. see, they're excited because you're dressing kinda slutty, which is an automatic plus--but what's this? it's very WEIRD slutty. they are confused but aroused. your work is done.

Look #3: god, i love gingham. pair it with more horrifyingly feminine ruffles and your frat date will be on his knees, begging you to "rock his world", or whatever frat boys say, idk. maybe they say "bro". who knows. also, layering things is fun because no one knows how many pieces of clothing you're actually wearing, so you're sexy and mysterious too!!

and with this sage advice in mind: formal away, ladies. i'll double tap any of your post-formal drunken instagram pictures from the lonesome comfort of my cave.

special thank you to cassady costume for lending me the dresses and red gingham shirt.

i won't die a virgin

RIP summer

here it is, my commemorative end-of-summer post -- a sequel to the last post about summer, continuing my creepy obsessive way of categorizing everything -- and those who have read my blog for these 1000 years that it has been in existence know this end-of-summer routine very, very well. the virgin suicides, iconography, long dresses, crying in your room, the hot honey golden type of heat, etc etc. we get it, meagan! you're fucking obsessed with being a vestal virgin-type bitch! why don't you just watch picnic at hanging rock on a loop and get a sappho-themed tattoo and leave us in peace?!!

and, darling readers, that's all good and true. i WISH i could leave you in peace, as much as i wish i could get a sappho-themed tattoo without being ridiculed by my evil, judgmental peers. but i couldn't resist my yearly tradition of going out into a damn field, wearing a damn beautiful romantic 70's dress, and taking some damn pictures of myself. sorry!! maybe next year i'll give it up. maybe. we'll see.  (you're just lucky that this time i'm not eating strawberries or some shit.)

all collage photos sourced from my pinterest.

all photos shot by me on a self timer with my canon d600 and an 18-135mm lens.

special thank you to cassady costume for lending me the dress.

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