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This outfit combo I shot yesterday was unwittingly like this one I shot, back when I was a wee babe in 2017. I guess I can never get away from textured menswear mixed with bright colors, which is perfectly fine, to be honest. My 22nd birthday is this Sunday and I'm graduating college in a couple months, so I do feel more justified now in wearing more "professional", "adult" clothes. Not that professional adults generally tie up their pant legs with shoe laces. Or maybe they do! Who knows.

I also feel like a professional adult now because I've been sent my first-ever Free Clothing Item from a Company for Promotional Reasons, a.k.a. these heels from Loq. I don't really have a lot of promotional power, tbh, but they are pretty, aren't they? When I inevitably live in Paris I imagine I'll wear them every day.

Bra from Free People
Pants from Topshop
Shoes from Loq
Purse and blazer are both thrifted

All photos shot by me on my Canon EOS 600D.

yes, it's fall again


I hope you guys were expecting this. Every fall, without fail, I do some fall-related fashun shit. I am a crazy person who is obsessed with the changing seasons. It Be Like That. This year I wanted to get a shoot in before all the leaves are gone, because they will inevitably be replaced by yuck bare trees snow etc by next week.

Normally, my fall tradition dictates that I have to wear menswear and tweed and lots of earthy colors because, duh, that's the best part of fall. However! This year due to the excess summer clothes I still have not put away, due to the fact that I live 3.5 hours away from my proper closet, due to College and Shit, I decided to wear some brighter more ""summery"" pieces with my standard big chunky sweaters and browns. It's fun and different for me! Also they coincidentally match the very brightly colored trees.

I'm a very rigid sort of person in all aspects of life, so the wardrobe line between Spring and Summer and Fall and Winter are distinct as hell. But rigidity is boring sometimes! I'll wear baby blue in fall and it'll be fan-fucking-tastic.

Topshop turtleneck and pants, thrifted everything else.

Sweater from here, Dr. Martens, and thrifted everything else.

Thrifted top and purse, babydoll from Urban Renewal, heels from Maryam Nassir Zadeh.

seasonal transitions really are getting the best of me


I don't know what it is about going from summer to fall that makes me so. goddamn. emo. Besides for like, duh—being surrounded by dying plants and the weather getting colder and the inevitable beginning of seasonal depression. But seriously, I love fall fashion (if only for like a week and then I desperately miss wearing summer clothes, RIP). I do genuinely love all the reds and the browns and the stiff tweeds and corduroys. I love menswear and wearing suit jackets and big wool sweaters knitted by old Irish men.

I would like to be one of those well-adjusted and content sort of people but I guess there really is no fun in that, is there? Sometimes it's kind of pleasant to be emo about shit all the time. It definitely inspires me to take photos and put together outfits, at least. And it's fun to indulge in the emoness this time of year, crawl under a pile of leaves with a hot beverage, and read Wuthering Heights. Which is where you'll find me for the next two months. (Another emo fall literary recommendation: Tennyson's "Mariana". The Victorians had their fall emo aesthetic so down, I swear.)

a zine for you and me


Recently I've become pretty damn nostalgic for my younger, more angsty ways and decided to relive a bit of my adolescence by, yes, making a zine. Which was my main hobby as a 13-year old. Back then it was more about me parroting Riot Grrrl phrases and going to Kinko's for hours on end (because that's the only way I knew how to make zines, and bravo to my homage to the 90's by refusing to use modern technology). Now I have Adobe Creative Cloud and I feel much fancier so I made a fancy zine but it's basically about the same shit as always, feminism and women and blah blah blah!

This zine is supposed to be more of an extension of this blog post I did a couple months ago—I'm obsessed with these concepts, okay—and also a little ode to my love for visual arts. I'm never able to talk about Capital "A" Art except when I'm in museums boring my friends to death. It was really fun researching and finding all of the beautiful pieces I chose to include in this zine.

If you missed the nondescript link above, you can access it online here. I hope everyone likes it!!

summer is fucking romantic

The more time I spend on this hellsite, the more I find myself repeating the same thing over and over and OVER again. It's summer, cue the photos of me in a yellowing vintage dress eating strawberries crying in the middle of a wheat field!!

This year, however, I do have a minor twist on the yellowing dress and the strawberries and the wheat field. Enter: me a couple days ago, wishing I could buy a dress from Batsheva and live out all my feminine Little House On The Prairie fantasies. (Guess who doesn't have $400 to spend suddenly and unwisely? Most of us, including me.) But then I was like, wait, I could literally just get some actual vintage calico 70's dresses for way cheaper and still look super fucking cool. And I could take pictures wearing them whilst standing around my very overgrown suburban neighborhood. And it could be a  c o n c e p t .

So here's that concept for you all. Hopefully I'll do some more shoots before school starts in August, but we'll see. I've been working a lot lot lot at a customer service job, saving money for the ultimate goal of Moving to a Big Metropolitan Area and Convincing Some Unsuspecting Fashion Company to Pay Me a Living Wage. A pipe dream, I know.

Photos by me, except the last 3 which were done by my friend Keith, who is great. Shot my Canon D600 and an 18-135mm lens. Special thank you to Casaday Costume for the dresses.

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